Earth Resource & Science Web Chat - Shared screen with speaker view
Mackenzie Johnson
If you’re just joining us, participants: drop the major you are interested in studying or the earth science department you are interested in learning more about in to the chat!
Angus Rockett
Glad to hear you are interested in MME. My email is arockett@mines.edu. I would be happy to chat with you separately whenever we can find a time. I should have time today after this if you want to talk in a while.
Angus Rockett
Hi Bobby — my email is arockett@mines.edu. I would be happy to talk to you when we can find time about MechE (I can talk MechE too) or you can talk to that department’s adviser. I am sure we would be pleased to talk to you about a materials masters.
Angus Rockett
The best way to get involved in research is upon arrival (if not before) go around your department and any other department that interests you and talk to the faculty. Don’t be discouraged if we say we don’t have openings. We always have more interest than we have opportunities but keep asking. Many of the faculty take undergrads and there is no reason not to ask as a freshman. The freshmen have more time than upper class students.
Angus Rockett
Yes, there is Free Pour Fridays that are open to anyone. When we are on campus typically you have to sign up by Thursday afternoon and you can do aluminum casting. We are hoping to be able to do brass and bronze this coming year and maybe steel too.
Jennifer Miskimins
Geneva - hopefully that answered your question about study abroad opportunities. Is there any particular area that you're interested in visiting?
Angus Rockett
… and then extractive metallurgists take what the mining people dig up and we make them into metals (including separating rare earths, which is particularly difficult)
Jennifer Miskimins
I don't believe we have something specific to Switzerland, but Austria and Italy land you on both sides and we do have active programs there! :-)
Jennifer Miskimins
Yes, on occasion our students do go offshore on field sessions. It depends on where that trip goes that year. In the past, we've gone offshore California, Alaska, and Louisiana.
Angus Rockett
Yes. Talk to the international programs office for study abroad. Start planning now.
Mackenzie Johnson
Here is the website for info on international programs at Mines: https://www.mines.edu/oip/
Mackenzie Johnson
Full list of all degree program graduate outcomes: https://www.mines.edu/careers/wp-content/uploads/sites/43/2019/11/BS.MS_.PhD-2018-2019-Salary-Sheet-FOR-WEBSITE.pdf
Mackenzie Johnson
Mines Career Center annual report: https://www.mines.edu/careers/wp-content/uploads/sites/43/2020/02/Career-Center-Annual-Report-2020.pdf
Mackenzie Johnson
More info on 4 + 1 programs: https://catalog.mines.edu/undergraduate/undergraduateinformation/combinedundergraduategraduate/
Jamal Rostami
Jennifer Miskimins
Petroleum Engineering - Terri Snyder tsnyder@mines.edu
Angus Rockett
arockett@mines.edu for metallurgical and materials engineering
Wendy Bohrson
To contact geology and geological engineering, bohrson@mines.edu